ULI St. Louis: If Cities Were Built by Women, a ULI Think Tank


2023-04-25 - 2023-06-27
When St. Louis was growing at its fastest pace, few women were in leadership roles within public agencies, planning and design firms, financial institutions, or engineering practices. Over a century later, one wonders what physical forms, systems of mobility, investments, and growth policies would look like if women had helped build the city.
What will our region look like in the next century as women’s ideas, leadership, and unique perspective are injected into the place we call home?
Three dates, three topics, and three locations each month. Join us for one or more of the upcoming think tank sessions and share your thoughts on these the three key topics.  
Select a date/topic and, within that page, select a preferred time/location. 
     4:30 pm, Brinkmann Constructors, facilitated by Cara Weber, Missouri Partnership
     5:00 pm, Lawrence Group, facilitated by Jacque Knight, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly
     5:30 pm, Greater St. Louis, Inc., facilitated by Margaret Onken, Greater STL, Inc.
     4:30 pm, CI Select, facilitated by Stacey Fowler, SLDC
     5:00 pm, TOKY, facilitated by Anna Leavey, Great Rivers Greenway
     5:30 pm, Gershman Investment Corp., facilitated by Maggie Bailey, CannonDesign
     4:00 pm, SWT Design, facilitated by Allison Gray-Gunsten, Steadfast City
     5:00 pm, Husch Blackwell, facilitated by Aaron Williams, Chair, ULI St. Louis
     5:30 pm, CannonDesign, facilitated by Eliza Simington, City Design Group, Inc.
Through this series of roundtable discussions, hosted at a variety of early-evening times around St. Louis, registrants will participate in facilitated conversations around the topic/question for the month. Facilitators and content leaders will help with the discussion–but come ready to dive in with us!
Light refreshments will be provided at each location.