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Is St. Louis Ready for the Autonomous Car Revolution?

Autonomous Vehicles

Maybe…  It certainly appears that Enterprise Holdings is taking note, as evidenced by a recent press release. John Nations, President and CEO of Bi-State Development (and provider of St. Louis’s public transportation) is also watching the developments with a careful eye, even implementing certain advanced technologies in the region’s bus fleet.

But how will this impact our cities and the way we design buildings, streets, neighborhoods and infrastructure for the future?

Will we still need the numerous parking garages found today in downtown St. Louis?

Will new commercial developments enjoy fewer – if any – parking mandates?

How will urban planners envision our cities going forward? How will they redesign redevelopment areas when parking is no longer the speed bump it is today?

Join us Thursday to learn about this and more… Autonomous vehicles – or at least semi-autonomous vehicles – are already here with Tesla’s Summon and parking features. What will the future hold?

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