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N. Hanley/University Place Drive TAP Report Released

TAP Report Cover

ULI St. Louis just released its recommendations for the development opportunities around the North Hanley and University Place Drive intersection following a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) held in late February.

At the request of the University Square Community Development Corporation, Bi-State Development, and Geiger Real Estate, Inc./Geiger-Hanley LLC (the Sponsors), ULI St. Louis conducted a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) to study the potential development opportunities available for approximately 20-30 acres on the north and south edges of University Place Drive east of Hanley Road in unincorporated St. Louis County.

The Panel was asked to answer the following five questions from the Sponsors:

  1. What kind of markets do we have in the development area along University Place Drive in the area north of both sides of Link Avenue? Address the market potential of both those on I-70 and MetroLink, as well as nearby residents, employees, and University personnel and students.
  2. What are the zoning options for the site?
  3. How can the development area take full advantage of the North Hanley MetroLink Station?
  4. What potential economic development incentives could be used in the development package and who has the power to use each?
  5. What is the best way to layer public and private property for development?

Following an in-depth study of the site, including a review of briefing material supplied by the Sponsors, interviews with stakeholders with interests in and around the study area, and additional discovery by the Panel – all conducted through the course of one day – the Panel addressed the questions posed by the Sponsors and arrived at a set of recommendations relating to the future development at this key entrance to St. Louis from the west on Interstate 70 and from Lambert–St. Louis International Airport.

The Panel’s recommendations, detailed in the following pages, outline a series of steps the Sponsors are encouraged to take to prepare the study area for development. Key themes include:

  • envisioning the intersection as a key entrance to the University and branding it as such;
  • reimagining University Place Drive as a boulevard and massing development close to the roadway;
  • introducing commercial uses in the area, including office space, incubator space, retail (personal services), and hotel/conference space;
  • embracing the transit opportunities at the site and making the experience of moving in and around the site more enjoyable and safe for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and drivers; and
  • bringing higher density housing to the site.

Read the full report here.

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