UrbanPlan Training
UrbanPlan presentation

UrbanPlan Training

Training for volunteers takes place in the Fall and allows ULI members to volunteer one time – or several times – throughout the school year.

UrbanPlan Training


Half-day UrbanPlan trainings occur once per year, typically in late summer or early fall. Trainings start in the morning and run until early afternoon. Trainees are required to spend 4-6 hours reviewing the UrbanPlan curriculum and additional materials prior to the training. After completing the training, volunteers can commit to as few as three hours of volunteer time a year – although most volunteers are eager to spend as much time in the classroom as possible! Following training, volunteers are eligible to work with students from area high schools as well as college students at the undergraduate and graduate level. Volunteers from ULI St. Louis will be working with the three high schools in the Ferguson-Florissant School District.

The Time Commitment 

Once you have made the decision to attend the one-time all day UP training, which requires 4-6 hours of preparation prior to the training session, you are qualified for all volunteer positions.

You need only commit to participating a minimum of twice a year and can elect to spend as little as three hours per year in the classroom once you are trained… but no one ever does! The majority of volunteers come back again and again to participate in UrbanPlan facilitations.

In order to participate, you must be a ULI member by the date of the training.