Through our various committees, ULI St. Louis engages our members and ensures that the interests of our District Council are fully met, both within the organization around the community.



       Coordinate or moderate a ULI St. Louis program
From our signature Emerging Trends program late in the year to quarterly breakfast programs to the more frequent – and unique – Candid Conversations programs, ULI St. Louis hosts a range of educational programs and in-depth discussions on topics relating to responsible land use and development throughout the St. Louis Region.
       Contact Programs Committee Co-Chairs Sarah Davis 314.592.2164 & Jack Fowler 314.754.3924 

Candid Conversations

      Candid, small group discussions about development with regional leaders
Designed to provide ULI members with invaluable and quality face-to-face time with community leaders in St. Louis, Candid Conversations programs dig deeper into issues affecting our region. The meetings are held in the morning, are limited in attendance and provide an informal setting for lively discussion.
       Contact Candid Conversations Chair Austin Barzantny 314.241.2222, Alex Ihnen, Kelly Bender

Technical Assistance Panels

        Participate in one-day worksessions tackling a particular development challenge
The Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) partners with area governments, agencies and non-profits to further ULI’s mission of leadership in responsible land use. The TAP program offers the expertise of local ULI members to local governments and nonprofit entities to address specific project feasibility or implementation issues through one or two day panels.
        Contact TAP Committee Co-Chairs Amy Hamilton 314.645.4595 & Gwen Knight 314.932.4096

Young Leaders Group (YLG)

       Work with the real estate leaders of tomorrow
The Young Leaders Group, members under the age of 35, hosts a range of educational programs and events throughout the year. The 60 Minute Mentor program introduces leaders of tomorrow to the professionals leading our community today. Bi-monthly happy hours provide great opportunities for networking and the ever-popular Insider’s Tours provide coveted previews of upcoming projects. The YLG meets regularly and fields its own YLG Executive Committee.
       Contact YLG Chair Alex Kuehling

Membership & Sponsorship Committee

       Welcome new members and sponsors to ULI
The Membership and Sponsorship committee works to bring new members to ULI and gather sponsor support for ULI St. Louis. Led by Andy Barnes, this committee organizes new member orientation and sponsorship receptions generally held in the Spring and Fall. Members are the heart of the organization and sponsorship support provides the financial resources for ULI St. Louis programs throughout the year.
       Contact Sponsorship Committee Chair Jill Starrs 314.615.1272 or Membership Co-Chairs Michelle Chambliss 314-835-7463 and Dana Martin

Women’s Leadership Initiative

      Encourage women to get involved with ULI as members and leaders
Launched in early 2012, the Women’s Leadership Initiative is working to promote the advancement of women, increase the number of women serving in leadership positions and increase the visibility of women leaders in the real estate industry and ULI.
.     Contact WLI Chair Bonnie Roy 314-644-5700


      Want to spread the word about ULI?
We would love to hear from you and welcome your contributions to ULI St. Louis’s eNewsletter, website, and social media networks. If you have suggestions for our website or would like to help secure press coverage, let us know.
      Contact Communications Chair Traci Pupillo 314.854.8679

Want to know more?

       Contact St. Louis District Manager Kelly Annis 314.833.9977