ULI St. Louis Candid Conversation with Colin Gordon and Peter Hoffman


Wednesday, November 4th, 2020
8:30am - 9:30am CST


Join us for a great candid conversation with Colin Gordon, author of Mapping Decline and Citizen Brown, and Peter Hoffman, Managing Attorney of the Neighborhood Vacancy Initiative for Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. Colin and Peter will discuss the land use history and policies that shaped St. Louis's inequitable landscape.


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This winter, the Candid Conversations series will take an important turn toward understanding the intersections between real estate land use and racial inequality. Much has been written on the subject, and, unfortunately, many of the policies and practices can trace origins back to St. Louis.

In this November session, Colin Gordon and Peter Hoffman will share their insights and research into the growth, shifts, and policies that defined St. Louis's built environment, particularly as it relates to residential housing policies, redlining, and the shifts that have left such large swaths of the City vacant.