Dear ULI St. Louis Members & Friends

Thanks to the efforts of trailblazers in our community, we are on the path toward reckoning and repairing. Yet there’s so much left to do...

Renewed Commitment to ULI's Mission, Revised Statement

Over the past year, with the help of our board, regional executive committees, staff team, and a working group made up of members from around the world, we have created a new articulation of our mission to better communicate the scope and impact of our activities as well as our future aspirations.

Shape the future of the built environment for transformative impact in communities worldwide. 

Mission Commitments
CONNECT active, passionate, diverse members through the foremost global network of interdisciplinary professionals * INSPIRE best practices for equitable and sustainable land use through content, education, convening, mentoring, and knowledge sharing * LEAD in solving community and real estate challenges through applied collective global experience and philanthropic engagement

ULI St. Louis inspires and encourages everyone to make St. Louis a better place for all. We would like to acknowledge that much of St. Louis is located on the traditional and ancestral territory of the Osage Nation, Missouria, and Illini Confederacy. We thank them for their hospitality and stewardship of this land and hope we can all agree on the importance and genius of our natural environment.

ULI St. Louis Annual Sponsors